Program Garage Door Opener (Liftmaster and Chamberlain)

How to Program garage door opener

How to Program Your Garage Door Opener

Today we will teach you how to program your garage door opener to your remote, wireless key pad, and also program your opener travel limits.

Garage door openers make our life so simple, sweet and easy. If you are like us and live in the midwest, I can’t imagine my life in the winter without one. We will use a 375UT universal remote. To keep it simple, if you live in Chicago or suburbs you can hire a garage door repair man to program your garage door opener for you.

Do you need to program your opener?

This is useful for 95% of the garage doors openers out there because there are so many garage door openers like this installed in the midwest area. For homeowners with Liftmaster, Chamberlian, and Genie garage door openers. If we can help one single home owner, we are happy.

Every several years one of the remotes stops working or lose frequency and have to be reprogrammed. If you are looking for help to program your garage door opener, you are in the right spot but you will need to read this read if:

  • Lost your remote
  • The one you have stopped working,
  • You are planning on buying one and need help programming
  • Program your keypad
  • Programm Homelink 
  • Programm travel limits
How to program garage door opener
375UT Works with Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman and Sears
From Chamberlain group website: “Universal remotes work with major brands. Liftmaster. Chamberlain, Genie, Craftsman, Sears, Raynor, Stanley. If your garage door opener was installed before 93, your opener is old and outdated. We recommend replacing the entire system and stop wasting time and money on something that old. A new opener kit comes with new remotes, sensors, key pad, barn and chain and most of them are compatible with the iPhone app MyQ”

How to Program Garage Door Opener Easy Steps

Programming your remote should not be hard. Therefore, we will try to make this so simple anyone can do it. As long as you can read this 4 easy steps and have a ladder handy, you will be able to program you opener and save money hiring a professional to do it for you.

Lets have a list of the few steps. Please read them through before you start. This will work for any opener made after 1993. Anything older should be replaced for an updated system.

How to Program your garage door opener

Pic 2

Alway check your owners manual to confirm your remote is compatible to your garage door opener

First of all, grab your ladder and safely place it under your operator so you can locate the “learn” button. (pic 2 above)

Program your garage door opener
Pic 3

Slide down cover(pic 3 above)

1 Press and hold program until blue light comes on

2 Press and release learn button(fig 2 above)

3 On your remote, Press button to program the number of times for you model* 

4 Press and release program to finalize programming 

*Step 3 details:

This is the color code for each learn button for Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Sears. Color code is based on year model of your garage door opener. 

Yellow Button 2011-Current  8 times

Purple Button 2005-Current  3 times

Orange Button 1997-2005    2 times

Green Button 1993-1996     4 times

For Genie Intellicode 1995-Current- 6 times

For Genie Intellicode 2005-Current- 5 times

Here is a visual of how to program your opener remote. Liftmaster and chamberlain share products but with different names. If you buy a universal remote that is for Chamberlain it can be used for Liftmaster and vice versa.

This remote will let you program up to 2 operators as long as the operator is compatible. This remote will let you program any operator made after 1993 for the major domestic operator brands. This include Liftmaster, Chamberlian, Sears, Genie, Craftsman. Also you can check if your opener has a learn button, it will work.

How to reprogram a remote that stopped working 

First make sure your battery is working. The battery in your remotes has a life spam of about 4 to 5 years if you use it daily. 

For your original remote all you have to do is to press and release the learn button once and then press the button on your remote you wish to program once. If your remote has been successfully programmed, you will hear a click on your opener. This means programming is complete.

If you wish to reprogram a universal remote, please follow the steps above.
Video of a man in the middle of programming a garage door opener from Liftmaster.

How to Program Travel Limits on you Garage Door Opener

Do this if your garage door is not reaching its limits or if you notice it goes beyond where it needs to go.

This will work for Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears and also other brands like Craftsman.

For models between 1993 and 2011:

What you need to adjust travel limits.

All you need is a ladder and also a common flat head screwdriver. Find the travel limits on the side of your opener. There are two arrows in a circular form and each arrow can indicated the direction we need to adjust.

If you want the door to come up a few more inches and the door has space to do it, find arrow that indicates up and turn it about 1/2 a circle. A full turn will give about 2-inches. Adjust as needed. 

Steps for Newer Garage Door Openers

For models after 2011:

Find the three buttons in the back of your operator. Fig 2. One is an arrow pointing up, a square button in the center and at the bottom an arrow pointing down.

Press and hold square button for about 3 seconds while being careful the garage door opener doesn’t move too much so you can have some support for your balance. 

Press and hold the arrow button point up until the door is in the desire position but be careful it doesn’t go too far high from your garage header.

Once door is as high as you want it to go, press and release square button. 

Program Down Limits

Now, press and hold arrow down until door reaches the floor but all being careful it doesn’t hit the floor to hard. Go slow while getting close to the ground.

Travel limits are set but now you will press and release the up arrow to program up force limits and once is up, press down button to adjust down force limits.

Press and release arrow down to program down force.

For more information and support with your garage door opener visit the make of your product: Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Genie.. For Garage Doors CHI in Chicago and suburbs is the place to go.